You can commission one for yourself, a friend, a relative, or an esteemed colleague. A Soundportrait honours a life well-lived or a life event that is worth celebrating. It can help mark a special occasion: a birthday, anniversary, a graduation, retirement, the birth of a baby.

We interview people of all ages, at all stages of life, with sensitivity, curiosity and expertise. And we love doing this work, for it is a celebration of life and all it offers.

Soundportraits - Judy Maddren - Elephant

I was moved and delighted. You have such an amazing way of putting one at ease, of posing the 'right' questions, of allowing one to open up and reflect aloud. It captured what mattered to me, my priorities, my wishes, my dreams. I will share it now with my family, with heartfelt thanks.

— Dr. Susan Ditchburn, as she retired as headmistress of Havergal College