The Soundtribute is the latest member of the Soundportrait family.

As our business has grown, we've been commissioned to do larger projects, outside the realm of our classic one-hour Soundportrait and well beyond the 30-minute Soundsketch.

A Soundtribute includes two or more CDs, and involves a minimum of three hours of recorded interviews.

Soundtributes often start with one person's memories, and then we add in recorded stories from family members, colleagues, and friends.

Soundtributes are priceless retirement gifts and wonderful birthday and anniversary presents. One private school in Toronto commissioned ten Soundportraits, as gifts for their teachers with 20-years experience. All are housed in the school's archives, a Soundtribute to the senior staff and a celebration of how the school has changed through the last thirty years.

Soundtributes take weeks, sometimes months, to complete and are our premier offering.

Pricing: A Soundtribute is so highly individualized that an estimate is given after we have met with the client and can determine the approximate time it will take to complete. Pricing begins at $5,500.


A SOundtribute to mark a special anniversary:
50 years of Marriage

Saroj Ram and S.V. Anand are both Canadian physicians who grew up in India in the 1930s. In 2009, they celebrated 50 years of marriage and their daughters commissioned a Soundtribute to mark the occasion.


Saroj remembers meeting Anand for the first time when she was a medical student, and he was a guest lecturer in Dublin. She says they shared a love of medicine, a love of intellectual challenge, and a love for the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. [0:52]


Saroj loved that Anand had grown up knowing Mahatma Gandhi. Anand remembers Gandhi coming to his family home in Banaras when he was a small boy. His father was a disciple and loyal friend to Gandhi. The lessons of non-violent protest and prayer had a profound effect on Anand. [3:28]

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Soundportraits CD, booklet and case
You really are onto a great thing here. You helped Sandra and I create something for the extended family. One of our granddaughters said, "Pops, what a fabulous gift! Now I will have your voice and Gab's voice forever!" This is really something special. When people are making out their wills and worrying about what to leave their kids, they should think seriously about commissioning a Soundportrait or Soundtribute. It is a legacy gift of the first order.

— Jim Pitblado,