The Soundsketch is the baby of the Soundportrait family. It is a short audio recording that celebrates a moment in time, a chapter of life, a place of the heart.

A Soundsketch can capture the voices of a bride and her attendants as they prepare for the ceremony; it might be a collection of a fisherman's best tales, the quiet wisdom of a new mother, or reflections of a senior citizen as he or she moves from the family home.

Pricing begins at $1,500.


Pippa Elliott

How much difference can a canoe trip make to a teenager’s life? As you will hear in this excerpt from a Soundsketch of a nineteen-year-old girl reflecting on the challenge three years earlier of paddling for 35 days across Northern Ontario, it’s something she will never forget. [2:45]

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Soundportraits CD, booklet and case

It means the world to our family that you were able to capture Gran talking about what she loved most: her cottage and her family. It was a mix of laughter, tears and pride for me when I listened - proud to be a Gibson, proud to have such a grandmother, and pride in the cottage that holds so many memories. The recording is a wonderful way for her great-grandchildren to understand who Gran was – and why this place means so much to us all.

— Kate Gibson,