The Soundportrait is our classic offering.

It is more expansive than a Soundsketch and less ambitious than a Soundtribute.

It is a one-hour professionally recorded CD of your life stories, an audio memoir to be treasured and shared.

An experienced interviewer will come to your home or office for a 90-minute recording session. It is a relaxed, casual conversation, carefully and professionally recorded, and one that will elicit your best memories and reflections.

The conversation is edited, mixed with music and packaged in an elegant metal case, with a booklet that has space for a few special photographs.

A Soundportrait is a CD that may be shared with family, friends, and colleagues.

Pricing begins at $3,000.



Dorothy Grand grew up in New Brunswick, in the 1920s, one of three little girls. She recalls she was the tomboy in the family, who often got into mischief. We asked her to describe herself as a young girl. [3:20]

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Soundportraits CD, booklet and case

Thanks so much for all the care and thoughtfulness you took when pulling together Irma's Soundportrait. It was so interesting and she was so proud of her story, as she should be! She was quite taken by the whole process, your sensitivity, and she is so happy to have her story recorded for posterity. We will all enjoy listening to it over the years. Many thanks for your hand holding through the process! You are a true professional.

— Gord Barrett,