Each Soundportrait is as unique as each client we interview and we are happy to offer a variety of add-ons, to ensure you get exactly what you want. These include:

Additional discs

Many clients order additional discs to distribute to a larger audience.

USB keys

We have new and beautifully designed silver USB keys. They have room for the audio interview, the CD booklet, special photographs and our Soundtribute photo album. Many clients order a combination of the ‘hard copies’ of their Soundportrait and the USB keys. The USB keys are easy to ship, portable, and work in both PCs and Apple computers.

Photo album and/or photo disc

While our primary focus is the audio interview, we include a small CD booklet with text and a few photographs. Sometimes clients ask us to take it a step further and create a keepsake photo disc and a photo album with room for extra images and text. Pricing varies according to the size of the final album.

Soundportraits Add-ons