The quality of your work is stunning. From the polish and beauty of the packaging, to the skill behind the questioning and assembly of the interviews, the Soundportraits are profound and priceless. I keep thinking how perfect a title Soundportrait is. Just as the greatest oil portraits capture the character and history of the subject, you seem to do the same in sound. Your grace with my parents was a plus.
— Ron Davis, Toronto

Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful, amazing recording. It was so nice for Mike and I to listen to it and relive those memories of Austin’s birth, and also to hear his beautiful sounds.
— Mike and Sabrina, and baby Austin, Holland Landing

We are really pleased with the quality of the result. My wife said that she learned some things about me that she had not known before. The graphics and music have added a very nice and extra professional touch.
— Peter Beattie, Toronto

I feel that telling one’s life story to another individual has to be the greatest honour a person can bestow and requires enormous trust. What strikes me Judy is that you are a fantastic interviewer. … you have the skill of pulling someone out but I would say you have a knowledge of historical context and understanding of human nature and life which take the narrative beyond …
— Brenda Bisiker, Toronto

My father was thrilled to share his story. At Christmas time we all gathered around and listened to the CD. It was important to him that his grandchildren hear what he wanted to share. And everyone’s favourite was the quick questions and answers at the end. The work you do has a profound impact.
— Audrey Danaher, Toronto

I want to express my grateful thanks to you. Your effort, on my behalf, in recording the story of my life, has been a great success! You were very easy to talk to, and it’s amazing how many stories of my early life you revived. I found myself re-living scenes I had forgotten about, thanks to you!
— Peggy Drysdale, Belleville

I just finished listening to the Soundportrait of Dad. Thank you so much – lots of good laughs and chuckles – a few teary moments too. It is interesting to see “his” perspective on so many things, and learn things I never knew about.
— Alex Hahn, Toronto

You found a way to honour Bruce that meant so much to him and will mean so much to us all. Thank you – we listened to the CD and we love the way you restored so many of the great old photographs. Many thanks for everything.
— Carol Hodgins, Temagami

I am so pleased with the discs and the booklet. You have done a really great job on everything. Thank you SO much for making it all such a pleasant experience, for your sensitive editing and for being so easy to work with. And my graduation picture looks absolutely great! You worked magic on it.
— Aileen Howson, London, Ontario

My thanks for your expertise, your warmth and your good humour. My mother had a wonderful time – and as I listened to her laughter and her voice and her stories, I realized how very special this will always be.
— Sharon Howson, London, Ontario

Alannah, you did a phenomenal job with Dibs. You got it all: her personality, her wisdom, her laughter, her stories of Eastbourne. It is absolutely priceless. We could not be more thrilled and Dibs loves that we celebrated her in this way.
— Catherine Lawrence, Toronto

I’ve just received the Soundportrait package and have listened to the entire two hours in one sitting. I couldn't be happier and my family will be thrilled. Daughter Kate overheard it playing and thought it was unbelievable. I think I'll give a copy to everyone in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. That way it won't get muddled with Christmas presents and it will provide some wonderful focus for their celebrations. I really appreciate the workmanship and care that has gone into the project and can't express enough the thrill of having these in the family archives  - hopefully for generations to come!
— Ted LeBlanc, Vermont

You really are onto a great thing here. You helped Sandra and I create something for the entire family. One of our granddaughters called and said, “Wow Pops, what a fabulous gift! Now I will have your voice and Gab’s voice forever!”  This is really something special. When people are making out their wills and worrying about what to leave their kids, they should think seriously about commissioning a Soundportrait. It is a legacy gift of the first order. And just think, no one has to fight over it – there are enough copies to go around for everyone.  It’s just a great, great thing you are doing.
— Jim Pitblado, Toronto

A brief note to express my pleasure with the recording and booklet of photos which was a gift from my wife and children, and also to express my thanks to you for the time we had together during the interview. The material produced by you for them was a gift, but the real gift to me was the opportunity to reflect upon my childhood, my working life, my parents, and our children and grandchildren. Soundportraits provided the setting for remembering the past.
— Alex Proudfoot, Calgary

The Soundportrait is fantastic! You did an amazing job of making my mom feel at ease and sound at ease. I know she really enjoyed your conversation and that comes through so well. I love how you honed in on things and drew out so many memories – lots of which were new to me. Thanks so much, it is a great gift for all of us.
— Elinor Richardson, Vancouver

The two of us listened on Saturday late afternoon, after the grandchildren had left and the house was quiet but full of toys. It made the job of cleaning up easier as I listened while picking them up and putting them away. It brought tears to my eyes at how the personality of this lovely man came through. As you can imagine, over 45 years I have heard his stories many times every time a pair of “fresh ears” entered his life. But somehow, even the familiar ones seemed fresh to me. Your music choices and production are superb and very meaningful to our family. The whole thing is a family treasure.
— Sandra Routledge, Vancouver

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